Saturday, November 8, 2008

iPod TV/VHS Combo, Enjoy Watching Your iPod Without Holding It

Do you want to expand your iPod's Nano utility to make it not just for playing music and watching movies? Maybe this thing can make your dream come true.

This gadget called "iPod TV/VHS Combo" will increase your viewing enjoyment into a bigger screen than your standard iPod screen. And not just about the screen size, it also can make you can have a louder volume of your iPod.

This mini TV-set will magnifies your iPod’s screen up to 2.8 inches. With this iPod TV/VHS Combo you can just sit and relax and enjoy watching your iPod without having to hold it anymore...Just slip it to this gadget and enjoy!

From what we hear, it will be available soon with the retail price of about $23. Save your money now :) ...