Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big...Bigger...SDHC cards

It's amazing that technology is making a really big step in a matter of size! Why? Because a tiny thing like this, a SDHC cards, can store data as big as... get ready...32 Gb! whoa!!

After the video watch, now came this one...Can you imagine how many song you can play with that thing? or how much photos you can view? it's gonna be a looooong day. Not so long ago Kingston announced the perfect SDHC storage card today for users of HD camcorders that record to SDHC cards. The new SDHC Elite Pro card from Kingston has 32 GB of storage.

And then Kingston says 32 GB is enough storage for 6000 full 10-megapixel resolution digital images or over eight hours of full HD video recorded at 6 Mbps.

Wondering the price huh? Well, any time a new high-capacity SDHC card comes out you can expect it to be expensive, and this one is at an MSRP of $308.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New (solar) Generation iPhone ?

Is iPhone gonna release a new kind phone to their product list? Some kind like a phone that use a solar energy... wow! if its true that will gonna be a breakthrouhg isn't it?

From the news we heard, the company filed a patent involvingplacing solar cells. It's means that Apple’s iPhone or other devices from Apple could have photovoltaic cells stacked underneath LCD touch screens or anything else in Apple's product, which maximizes the area available for harnessing and soaking up the power of the sun.

And then according to the filing, performance info in regard to the performance of a device’s solar cells could be displayed on the main screen next to battery power.

Not only that, it could also appear on top of the actual cells, which could be displaying the Apple logo. Imagine less charging of devices. Then one day no charging at all. Great huh? Here's iPhone Video to watch...

Friday, August 29, 2008

No Stress with Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillows

One of the most thing we have to throw away is stress. Why? Because it will make you sick and growing your headache to the limit.

But Now there's a new way to throw away those stress, these handy Stress Relief Pillows was made to help you out from your stress problem. Put them to your chest and they vibrate with a special rhythmic heart beat to calm your nerves. Ahhh... what a relief isn't it?

The great news about My Beating Heart pillow is that every time you turn it on, an entirely unique heartbeat rhythm is created and this gadget is available in many colors you can choose.

This isn't a pre-recorded rhythm and this isn't a "heartbeat sound." This is a physical heartbeat that realistically changes over time. This pillow will make you feel very comfortable and it'll make you calm down again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's new...oh yeah...PSP-3000!

Can wait to have PSP-3000? Just want to tell you a very goodnews : Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced that the launch of a new PSP handheld entertainment system PSP-3000 with an advanced LCD which improves still very popular, PSP high-resolution display.

The new PSP type will be available in stores in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe by October 2008 ! So it's mean it'll be no longer again you can grab it and play it until you satisfied yourself :)

This new type
offering the highest level of contrast, response time, and a wider range of colors possible on a portable LCD screen, the new PSP is capable of displaying movies and photos and more natural colors on its high resolution by 4.3 inches wide screen.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Smell of The Notebook

If you think all notebooks are look the same, well maybe you right. But what about the smell? the smell...? Yes, the smell of the notebook.

Asus F6 series is the first scented notebook released in the market. Asus released four kind scented notebook. It's Floral Blossom, Musky Black, Morning Dew, and Aqua Ocean.

If you want to know what this "smell good" notebook are offering, this are the features:
-Intel Centrino 2 processor
Maximum 4GB RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470 256MB video card
SATA 120GB/160GB/250GB/320GB hard drive
Fingerprint scanner

If you're a romantic person and you're forget your perfume when you're going out, don't worry. You got your scented notebook...

8 GB Videos on Your Wrist

When you're in the bus, and you're boring and want something to watch, maybe if you have a cell phone with a videos player you can watch it to eliminate those boredom. But doesnt it too conspicuous to watch it when you're in a public transportation?

If so, that's not a problem anymore, because now there's a watch with video player with 8 GB storage in it! So with this gadget you can watch videos with a natural position.

Actually that's not all. This new technology watch is made with stainlees stell. Here's the detail... This gadget is : Stainless Steel Video Watch with a massive 8GB of internal flash memory as well as a full color 1.8" screen. Made completely from shiny stainless steel for the ultimate in style and coolness.

This watch have high pixels count and frames per second that'll make viewing a joy for anyone who have it. Not only that this gadget also has a built-in voice recorder, multiple OSD languages to choose from, a built-in high quality speaker as well as a earphone jack, the ability to view JPEG pictures and listen to music at the same time, and so much more. whoa...! cool right ?!
This gadget from Chinavision... what youre waiting for?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Technologies is Securing Your Card!

If you like to buy your gadgets and electronics technology things (or maybe a ticket to the moon!) using your credit card because it’s convenient and can add a reason now if you use this credit card. And the reason is SECURE.

Why? Because this credit card which called Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies, have a new technology, which will be shown at the Cartes & Identification in Paris this November.

Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies have 12 button keypads that work with the embedded processor and they even have a display. This credit card have features like several authentication modes for use in online, phone, or ATM transactions.

And you don't have to enter your PIN number into an unsecured device like a web browser, which will help defend against electronic banking fraud. Because this card make user can enter their PIN into the keypad to receive a numeric passcode for one-time use.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Telescope in Modest

Do you have an iPhone? In this technology world we living in it's not a big thing when a gadget have a camera integrated in it. And so with the iPhone... Introducing to you iPhone Telescope (sound very secret agent?) . Yeah, it's a telescopic lens that gets lucky with your iPhone and together you can explore the unseen horizon. 

With iPhone of course you have ability to take a picture and having a good result. But what if the object is far? Not just far, but far...far...away...!!! :) It's not a problem anymore! With iPhone Telescope you still can get the picture with high quality result. What a technology huh?

This telescope will give you 6x telescopic zoom! Where ever you're standing, and any where the object you still can get the object clearly and sharp. The focus can be adjusted to the size you need according the moment and places. 

Wanna have mega zoom in-zoom out iPhone Camera? Buy it with US$ 19 only!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Snowboarding Caller is Coming!

Ok, if you like to snowboarding, let's admit it’s hard to take calls when you're snowboarding, right? But guys.... don't worry anymore about getting fall above your board because a call that coming to your phone.

Swany’s g.cell, made the first hands free cell phone ski and snowboarding gloves. Aha...! This is how it work, when there's an incoming call, you’ll be alerted to incoming calls with(Prepare yourself) vibrating wrist action. What you have to do next Sir........? Just tap the back of your hand to receive calls.

This gadget comes complete with charger included and it will 12 hours on standby/ 4 hours talk time.

Feeling so crazy about this technology? Available this holiday season for $495. And i think they might just be the most expensive glove ever. Am i right?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wi-Fi I Found You

In this world of technology, are you a person who always on a run and always needs a free internet or wi-fi connection to support all the activities in your daily life?

Maybe Your laptop or notebook able to find whether there is wi-fi signal or not. But, didn't it will be so much easier if you know about it without opening your notebook, starting it, and activating your wi-fi device? After all it's all about technology, right?

So here's a gadget that can make all that things comes true. It's called Wi-Fi Detecting Watch. With this gadget you can see is there any wi-fi signal in an area without
opening your notebook and starting it.

The design of Wi-Fi Detecting Watch is very stylish with steel case and rubber strap band. And it has a couple of features, like daily and single alarm, backlight, countdown timer, world time zone, and lithium battery included too in your purchase box.

The price? It's $24.99 - $29.99... Are you interested? Get it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Digitize Your Cassettes, Baby...

If you have a lot of cassettes collection of your favorite songs from the old days, of course you want to keep it safely so you can hear them again and again without quality loss caused by the ages. There's a new technology to transfered your cassettes to digital media. ex: an MP3 file. Not just to transfered to MP3, you can rip your favorite cassettes to a CD, so you can play it on your CD player.

This technology called Ion USB Cassette Deck. How about the audio quality? Dont worry, the quality isn't bad at all. The Ion USB Cassette Deck bundled with EZ Tape Converter by MixMeister, a program that will converts your audio cassette recordings directly into iTunes.

So if you love your old days songs and you dont want to let it gone with the wind :) , you have to own this gadget!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Drop It Yo... To The Washing Machine

Remember the old days when washing machines are big and eat a lot of spaces? They always have been like that for many years (in some place, until today). Therefore the designers always came up with new designs.

The design of Sfera spherical washing machine is like a sphere. The entire ball inside Sfera spins to get your clothes clean. It’s small enough to placed it on any where you want it to. Because the shape is very handy and compact, so it doesn't eat a lot of space.

The design of Sfera for me is one the most unique washing machine designs i have ever come.
The Sfera spherical washing machine is shaped like a ball, it's small enough to tuck it away in the corner of your bathroom or any where you like.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

3D is Simple

If you're a 3D software user, of course you're familiar with 3D applications that's released in the market. The one that i'll reviewed maybe not (yet) famous like the other programs you've heard. But anyway, this one simple. Simple as what? Just keep on reading...

Google SketchUp is a new 3D graphics software from Google. If you're a professional 3D software user, I recommend that you spent your time to use this Google SketchUp. And if you are a resourceful DIY person kind and want to try out a really simple 3D software program, it's for you too guys! This program is very simple and really useful.

For example, with Google SketchUp we can make 3D objects from a simple 2D line we make and with just a few steps, that line from a flat 2D form become a 3D object. And just for reminder what i say about line here is just an example. you CAN make any 2D form and within seconds it's changing to 3D object!

What i mentioning in this article is not the whole package. You can use Google SketchUp more deeply to make a magnificent object. (and detailed of course...) If you never use a 3D software programs before (maybe because you're not interesting...) What i have to say is try it, because Google SketchUp is really fun and have easy interface to learn.

PS: FYI, this software have free version too, so let's catch the Google SketchUp!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Viva La Free Rice

What can we do to help each other? Especially to help our brothers and sisters that suffers starvation on the other part of this beautiful planet. They deserve to have a good life like ours and a proper amount of nutritions to eat. Can you imagine if you're in their position?

So, back to question number one. What can we do? With this computer in front of you, you can help them right here, right now! Sounds weird? Well.....not really.

Here's the story, there's a site on the internet that was made to help others that suffering because starvation. You go to the site, and start playing to donating. Yes, when you're on the site, all you have to do is answer a question (like a quiz) to donate.


If you correct answering a question, you're donating 10 grains. I know it sounds very very little amount of rice, but if you're answering a lot of questions it means you're donating a lot of rice too, right? All of the rice will distributed by the site through World Food Program ( WFP ).

What you're waiting for? Just go there, the site name is . Go there and play. Use technology to help each other!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Healthy Recharging

What will you do if your gadgets battery lose it power? Of course you will recharge it, right? For that, you have many options to recharge it. You can use Travel Charger, USB charger, or other kind of charger. But all of that chargers need some electrical power to recharge your batteries.
The question is,how to get that electrical power? There is many ways to get it.
And guess what? Soon you can use your body to gaining some electrical power to your charger!
It's called Knee Dynamo, a gadget that will transforming your body energy into electrical energy. How it works? Put this thing on your knee, and what you have to do next is just walk. Easy right?
Every time you move this thing will transforming your body energy into electrical energy. From now on, let's get sweaty and full recharge!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Labs...Yummy!

After you read my last post about Google Mouse, maybe you will say "Ok... that's all Google can do...". Well if you do, you're very very wrong. Not just because Google will always give us a breakthrough in technologies, but it's wrong because Google have labs called Google Labs...

I know maybe it's not a new story for all of us. But guys, Google is moving so fast, like they're moving in a speed of sound! Yesterday they do this, another day they do that, and go on and go on... That's the reason i've came up with this article here.

Google Labs is a place where Google's Product developed. There, you can find a lot of Google's product that people haven't heard before. Like Google Trends, Google Mars, Google Ride Finder, Google Suggest, and many more.

Now maybe you're wondering, what have Google Labs release? Are they only researching without result?

The answer for number one is A LOT, and for number two is NO! They already release a lot of things like iGoogle, Google Video, Google Maps, Google Desktop, Web Alerts, and many more.
If you wanna see it by your self, why dont you go to Google Labs and enjoy.
Still think Google taking a little nap? :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Need a lighter for your cell phone? Do you...?

This new cell phone is so smoooooowwwking... why? No need to answer. Just look the shape... Remind you of something? But dont judge a book by it's cover... because it have a modern features, like dualband GSM, a Micro SD card Slot, and an MP3 player too.

From the front, it looks like a cigarette box. Another cool function is the side-mounted camera feature, so people will never knew that you are taking a picture (feels like an agent?).

If you wonder what the price is, the price is around $175 and came in a box.

Play Wii in Your Cell Phone...? Huh?

Ever dreaming playing Wii any where? No string attached, like you use your cell phone? Did you ever think you can do it now? Well dont get too excited soon, because it's not really a Wii console. (but it's cool too)...

If you play a video game in your cell phone that need a great manouver control, you can get that ability now! (horray!) Because this gadget called Zeemote, can be used on your cell so you can freely controling your character in your video games... Zeemote use a bluetooth connection. So goodbye cables!!!

So you feel like you play Wii in your cell phone...? huh? cool right?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Romantic Any Where

When you invite your girlfriend to your house and want to have a romantic feels instantly, dont worry! Because now you can get a portable fireplace (cool huh?) Not only for romantic occasions only, you can use this portable fireplace in camping activities too. If you dont want to make your place filled by the burned woods, this fireplace is a good choice. This portable fireplace is made by Conmoto of Germany and the price is $3,300. Once again, wherever you need a smokeless fire, the Travelmate is at you finger tips!

For Mr. Guitarist, let me fold your guitar,sir!

Are you a guitarist that always been busy with the guitar because you cant pay a crew??? You've always being busy look for space to put your guitar...argh.....what a rockstar you are:)
If you do, no problemo again sir! Because here's come a guitar that you can (wait a minute) fold! (surprise!!!!!)
The name of the guitar is The Electric Nomad, this guitar is made for electronic wandering minstrels. The neck on the Electric Nomad can you folds twice - it's more foldable than other foldable guitars.
The neck folds, the strings roll up on a spool, and it features all the usual features, usability and playability of a normal electric guitar; however, it’s designed to be taken on travel. I say it's like a Transformer guitar! Rock on............!

Im where!

For those who likes to jogging but feeling so lazy for going outside, here’s something that makes you healthy without walking out through the door. What we're talking about is having a fancy treadmill with a curved VR (Virtual Reality) display on top. The VR display will give you image of outside scenery. With that, you can pretend that you're outside your house, jogging around, feel the breeze and do anything like you always do when you're outside.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

When a mouse falling in love with the earth

If you thought Google is taking a rest, you're absolutely wrong! Because here comes another Google cool product. It’s called the Google mouse. It's got a bright vivid look and you know what these mouse can be recycle, so Google is earning some green points. And they’re wireless too. When you’re Googling, your mouse sometimes is disturbed by those cables right? Well...not anymore now. Because this mouse come with a WiFi dongle stored on-board and feature an 800dpi resolution. The material they are recycled from is plastic. And another thing, the packaging is also made from recycled materials. Accessories include two AA batteries and an instruction manual. Wow, a mouse that really a earth friendly.....horray.....!!!

Stumble No More

The FootLume carpet design should be able to help you walkin in the dark, you won't stubbing your toe anymore. The FootLume carpet is a high-tech rug with electroluminescent lights and weight sensors. When walk in the dark, it will recharge the rug andthen the carpet will lights up and guides you where ever you go. The light won’t bother those still sleeping and best the best part is, your toes won't stubeed anymore. Two students at London’s South Bank University designed it. They shown the prototype at the Ideal Homes show, where they hoped to find a manufacturer. We may see this carpet pretty soon, because it's being a new topic in a lot of place. Interior design experts are saying carpets that responsive surfaces like Footlume will be the next trend in interior design for houses.

From the Z to the X

Check this cool gadget... We know the iPod is always win if it's compared with Zune, Zune is making a new step with releasing Xune. It's combines music and gaming. In another words, Xune is combining the Zune, iPod, Xbox and Sony Mylo. Xune features shoulder buttons, a touch-wheel with a center button, a sliding keyboard and 4:3 ratio aspect ratio screen. Xune's keyboard wa made for web surfing, email and chat. And for the gamefreak, Xune is compatible with the Xbox 360. Not only that, Xune is compatible with Windows Media Center. With a look like that, Xune is gonna take anyone attention!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can you print a photo on your rooftop?

The answer, is you can! with Polaroid Pogo you can print your photos any where and every where... The size is as bis as your palm. It has a USB connection, so you dont have to worried about cables anymore. it's a perfect match for your digital camera and your camera cell phone. Pogo uses special paper that will instantly dry.
You can print a photos a in name card size. You can get your own Pogo now because it's already released to the market. I Almost forgot..the price is $149.99. With Pogo, print is easy, even if you're in the top of a mountain. Say cheese!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There's a new taxi in Jakarta, Indonesia. A very "modern" and different taxi may i say. It's called Tiara Taxi. Why i say diffrent? Not like any other taxi, this taxi use an Alphard Toyota car and it's have GPS facility,LCD TV, and Internet connection! So you can surf the internet while the cab take you to your destination.....
This taxi is available for 6 passengers, so you can take your friends or your family to a party in the weekend :)
So if you want to feel a taxi with a luxurious facility, go outside now and when you see this cab, just shout "taxi!!!!!"

Google Lively, a new way to chat

For a search engine company, Google is making a big step by releasing Lively, a virtual reality world where we can communicate with others and see their 3D avatar and interact too. You can make your avatar move around the invorentment. And guess what? you can make it dance too...
You can choose a lot of room to chat in Lively and you can make your own too. You also can invite your friends to join you in Lively with giving your URL to them. Interested? If you want to use Lively, you must have a Google account and then install Lively in your computer. You can download Lively here. So what you're waiting for? Let's enjoy your life in Lively!!! Here's the video...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Mr. Robot......What Time Is It?

Bored with your Rolex watch? throw it away then! kidding.... :)
Because here comes a robot with cards that will tell you what time is it. This very unique clock was created by Software architect Steve Norris and uses a robot arms and fourteen cards with numbers to display the time.
This robot is using a CrustCrawler Smart Arm and a Parallax Propeller chip to do his job. And because it function, this robot will always moving and moving and then..... moving again. Why? Beacause as we know, time is always ticking. So get ready to see something that will never stop moving in your living room :)

Going Up Above The Sky

Ever wondering go to Mars? Well if you do, you're lucky! because next year (2009) there will be a try out trip to outer space for common people like you! yes you! but it will cost you $ 200.000...... what a number huh?! Here's the story, Richard Branson, a rich man from know... the one that own a lot of companies, is making a futuristic spaceship that will take people (with money, hahaha...) to the outer space , with maximum limit 110 km above the earth...!!! The spaceship name is White Knight Two...nice name huh? It's sound like a superhero name. So, are you interested? if you do, save your money because in 2010 there will be a first public flight of this ship. And you know? there already more than 200 people registered for this flight.....what a rich planet we're living in...... :)