Monday, December 29, 2008

Radio Flyer Cloud 9, Will Fly You

This Radio Flyer is not like your grandfather's Radio Flyer. Or maybe like your dad’s, or even the kind you tooled around in as a kid. This one is like a luxury cruise for lazy kids being pulled around by tired parents. The only added features that my own childhood Radio Flyer wagon had were wobbly wheels and rust. This concept however, called the Cloud 9, has an MP3 player and some other cool features you can use.

Besides of that things you also get a nice speaker system to go with that MP3 player, so you’ll probably be seeing little kids rocking out in no time. The kids can also strap themselves into one of the two bucket seats with a five-point racing harness. Not cool enough? How about a digital display panel with temperature readouts, odometer and speedometer? The Cloud 9 has cupholders too. For juice boxes and sippy cups. Yummmmy.....

Well, should the Cloud 9 become a reality? The cost will be about $1,000. But hey, this thing is really cool huh?


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