Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scale Spoon.. Precise!

If you're a real cooker, you know that volumetric measurement is very important. Let's say you're making biscuits. The recipe says 1 cup of flour, but are we talking 200 grams or 270 grams? Depending on humidity, or how much your flour was compacted when you scooped it, that could make a difference, right? Measuring your wet ingredients and your dry ingredients with our new ultra-precise spoon scale.

And with two spoons included, you can scoop out just the right amount of sugar, or even 10-1 grams of salt! To get this level of precision, you'd normally need a separate scale, but now, there's a gadget that combined two immensely useful kitchen gadgets into one, and we love dual-use devices in the kitchen! Owww...yeah... These graduated scales on the sides of this gadget will help you measure out your volumetric measurements, or you can use the LCD display built into the handle to measure the weight. It can weigh as little as one one-tenth of a gram all the way to 300 grams. So, cooking is easier now!


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