Friday, January 9, 2009

Garmin's Approach G5, Still Need A Caddy?

Now, Garmin is in the expanding its line of outdoor recreation GPS devices, feels now is the time to unveil a GPS unit for those among us who golf. It is called the Approach G5 and there is not yet any pricing information available in it.

This Garmin Approach G5 sports have a three-inch touchscreen display and is designed specifically for the golf course. It is said to show golfers the precise distance to the center of green or other key course features, helping to improve a golfer’s score.

The features of the Approach G5 include detailed course maps with precise distance information from their current location to fairways, hazards and greens, a weight of 6.8 ounces, AA battery powered and a touchscreen digital scorecard for operating this thing.


iLyaz said...
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iLyaz said...

surely will help greatly to the golf player...right..

Tim said...

Great invention for golfers, definitely would help them.

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