Monday, January 5, 2009

Ski With The Ski Home Simulator

When using Wii-Fit’s balance board is great for some sports simulations, but it can only go so far. The Ski Home Simulator is another gadget that will give you an option for those with large bank accounts and too much time on their hands at least $2285. It's also has features for the ski beginner, as well as more advanced users, like a pro maybe? :)

But apparently it’s for the PC only for now, meaning that you need to plug it to your PC or your laptop.

This gadget comes with 32 different courses in it, from 18 real life venues including Beaver Lake, Lake Louise and Chamonix, these are still pretty expensive courses when you take the price into your bank account


p.u.g.u.h said...

lebih asyik lagi kalau ada AC yang nyembur sesuai kecepatannya, jadi duingin serasa di atas salju

best buy appliances said...

This is great! It's a bit costly but I still want to buy this. This is going to be a more enjoyable wii day.