Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Electronic Drum Kit Shirt Will Rock You!

Of course it's a kind of busy thing to carried away your drum kit to every place you want to go. Maybe you can, but you have to got a crew everytime on your side :) . Well this shirt can be a replacement for your drum kit... really! This Electronic Drum Kit Shirt is have a real cool drum sounds!

Well it's not just a T-Shirt with a print of regular cool looking picture of a drum kit on the front. But it's a more rocking shirt!!!. It's an electronic t-shirt with a picture of an actual playable drum kit on the front.

When you hit the drums on this shirt with your finger and they play through the built in speaker! It's simple but amazing. This shirt has 7 different drum sounds you're ready for a personal drum solo on your chest.

Cool shirt for those who like a beat and hearing musics on their shirt!


tips PDA said...

that's really cool.

EverybodyGeek said...

How much does this T-shirt weight?
And does if have a headphone output?
A really cool t-shirt :-)