Saturday, September 27, 2008

The iSound Headphone, Let You Hear The Sounds

Maybe you like to listening your Mp3 while you're walking down the street. But, isn't a little bit dangerous to do that while you're crossing the street? Like when you're walking on a busy street where there's a lot of cars around...

Now with a gadget called The iSound, which is designed by Seohyun Baek. There's nothing to worry about. Because this thing is a set of headphones that lets you to listen to your mp3 player while still hearing the background noise around you (like the conditions where we're mention above).

That’s a nice thing isn't it?, especially when that background noise is busy traffic. Old headphones wont let you heard other noise around you... but with this, you can hear all your favorite music safely. It use a semi-circular design that doesn’t cover your whole ear, so it makes some background noise is still heard. This gadget use a wireless with a bluetooth module that connects to the headphone jack in your mp3 player. Nice tune you get, and safetyfirst!!! :)