Saturday, September 20, 2008

Google Android...When? Realy?

If you really have an adrenaline rush for the Android A.K.A. Google Phone A.K.A. HTC Dream , you must be really delight with this news. It's announced that the Android phone will be released soon...Whoa!!!

From the we've heard T-Mobile has sent out invitations out there for the official announcement of the first Google phone in the market, the HTC Dream. The press conference will be held in New York on September 23rd 2008, although the Android-based phone won't hit market until October this year.

The Android looks very excellent, and from our point of view, the open nature of the platform is very good. But just like the iPod before, the general consumer will go for the prettiness and ease of use.

So, if Google and its Androidal partners don't manage it to make a booming very soon then we can see the consumer market for smart phones are being tied up in the same way as the consumer market for MP3 players...we hope not, right?


virtual mind said...

i think thats techno is not ready to release public.still have many bug and not compatible with some machine...
lets wait

Hendrawan said...

I hope it comes soon

paank Fachrezi said...

Hope its better than the older one

Tey said...

is it out in the market? looks so nice
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dede said...

another info coming in....great job

Eky Dakka said...

Just wait and see

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