Saturday, September 20, 2008

Know Your Food With DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer

Ok, put it this way...when you want to eat some food or maybe you want to drink some beverages doesnt it more secure to knowing it's expire date or to know for how long you store that food and beverages?

Of course you dont want to have "undelicious" food, huh?

Here's a gadget to keep you body eat and drink only a fresh ingredients (it makes you a healthy person!) It called DaysAgo Refrigrator. This gadget will helps you to answer these types of low-tech perplexing questions in the high-tech straightforward manner you are accustomed to.

So how to use it? Simple! Just stick this button-sized timer onto any newly-opened food based item you would like monitor. After that, push the button, and the LCD display starts counting down the number of days it's been sitting. It's very nice and cool concept.

When you buy it, you'll get two timers come in a pack so you'll be sure to have enough to monitor all the amateur science experiments in your fridge. So keep healthy guys!


Tey said...

wow this is very useful for mothers like.. This can save us money. Thanks for the visit
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