Saturday, September 13, 2008

Make A Mobile Phone Era

Is it a "make a mobile phone" era? Because here a new mobile phone concept from a big brand car make. Can you guys guess who is it? It's BMW... you're kidding me if you don't know that name :) ...

This gadget actually not just a mobile phone it's a video phone and BMW not doing it all alone. They Co-op with the master. Who else? It's Nokia, one of hughest player in the industry.

What it's look like? A thing of beauty. It is what you will get when you combining the ultimate driving machine with the ultimate video mobile phone. So slick and cool for man and women. (that's including you...)

This Nokia BMW mobile phone have interesting feature in it called “PUSH TO OPEN” which is a feature that will rotates 90 degrees. So if you push the button and your phone wil be a handy-cam.

Isn't great if they get on this one real quick so we can use it nowadays, as usually but they’ll take their owntime and let someone else beat them to it... But we hope it doesn't happen this time!


jim said...

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