Monday, September 15, 2008

Video Gamed Your Body

What do you think about Nintendo Wii? Do you think it's a nice innovation because it have a new style of gaming because it use your hand's movement?

Well, get ready for this one... This future console not only use your hands, but it use all of your body! Whoa, isn't it cool? Imagine if you use it to play Tekken series... :) .

This gaming console is called "The Cocoon". The Cocoon is a new VR system developed by NAU, and it have a human-sized pod that you can enter and it’s actually was designed with videogames in mind. The Cocoon includes full 3D surround sound, and great graphics as well the Internet connection, and it could be the ultimate gaming environment to challenge friends from around the world.

The Cocoon not will be available soon, but when this gadget release in the market it'll be a huge thing. So what about Wii? Well, most of Nintendo’s competitor’s were caught off guard with the Wii, but you can bet they are taking some serious looks at this future technology if they're wont lose the market of the gaming world. Right?!


Gerajj said... know, 1 decade ago I daydreamed about this kind of gaming system. Can't believe it will be a truth.. :)

btw, it's a nice information

suryowidiyanto said...

di mangga dua kapan ada ya? wakakakakaka...