Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pyramat PM450-WR chair is 1UP

This is the best chair for y'all gamers! It is the greatest, innovative, wireless, rechargeable, and largest chair for gaming on the market nowadays. Not only that, it also has the best sound system ever heard on a chair :)

This Gadget called "The Pyramat PM450-WR" and it was a sound rocker chair that makes you feel the action from your video games, movies, and music.

The sounds is great it'll make you blast off because it's wireless too for 25 feet awar through a wireless transmitter. Not only that the surprise is. This chair is a rechargeable too, for gaining it power.

The Pyramat PM450-WR is works for your iPod's, MP3 players, Playstation, X-Box, Gamecube, PSP and Nintendo gaming machines and also works with most DVD players, computers, TV and stereo systems, so it's an ultimate chair isn't it?

It also have Powersub™ subwoofer that'll sends vibrations right through you. The two full range 12 Watt ARX™ high performance speakers will give you a personal supreme experience surround sound effect in your gaming life... WOW!!!


dede said...

i am sure if i play game and sitting on that chair, i will never go for online, too comfortable its semmed..