Saturday, August 16, 2008

3D is Simple

If you're a 3D software user, of course you're familiar with 3D applications that's released in the market. The one that i'll reviewed maybe not (yet) famous like the other programs you've heard. But anyway, this one simple. Simple as what? Just keep on reading...

Google SketchUp is a new 3D graphics software from Google. If you're a professional 3D software user, I recommend that you spent your time to use this Google SketchUp. And if you are a resourceful DIY person kind and want to try out a really simple 3D software program, it's for you too guys! This program is very simple and really useful.

For example, with Google SketchUp we can make 3D objects from a simple 2D line we make and with just a few steps, that line from a flat 2D form become a 3D object. And just for reminder what i say about line here is just an example. you CAN make any 2D form and within seconds it's changing to 3D object!

What i mentioning in this article is not the whole package. You can use Google SketchUp more deeply to make a magnificent object. (and detailed of course...) If you never use a 3D software programs before (maybe because you're not interesting...) What i have to say is try it, because Google SketchUp is really fun and have easy interface to learn.

PS: FYI, this software have free version too, so let's catch the Google SketchUp!