Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big...Bigger...SDHC cards

It's amazing that technology is making a really big step in a matter of size! Why? Because a tiny thing like this, a SDHC cards, can store data as big as... get ready...32 Gb! whoa!!

After the video watch, now came this one...Can you imagine how many song you can play with that thing? or how much photos you can view? it's gonna be a looooong day. Not so long ago Kingston announced the perfect SDHC storage card today for users of HD camcorders that record to SDHC cards. The new SDHC Elite Pro card from Kingston has 32 GB of storage.

And then Kingston says 32 GB is enough storage for 6000 full 10-megapixel resolution digital images or over eight hours of full HD video recorded at 6 Mbps.

Wondering the price huh? Well, any time a new high-capacity SDHC card comes out you can expect it to be expensive, and this one is at an MSRP of $308.