Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Labs...Yummy!

After you read my last post about Google Mouse, maybe you will say "Ok... that's all Google can do...". Well if you do, you're very very wrong. Not just because Google will always give us a breakthrough in technologies, but it's wrong because Google have labs called Google Labs...

I know maybe it's not a new story for all of us. But guys, Google is moving so fast, like they're moving in a speed of sound! Yesterday they do this, another day they do that, and go on and go on... That's the reason i've came up with this article here.

Google Labs is a place where Google's Product developed. There, you can find a lot of Google's product that people haven't heard before. Like Google Trends, Google Mars, Google Ride Finder, Google Suggest, and many more.

Now maybe you're wondering, what have Google Labs release? Are they only researching without result?

The answer for number one is A LOT, and for number two is NO! They already release a lot of things like iGoogle, Google Video, Google Maps, Google Desktop, Web Alerts, and many more.
If you wanna see it by your self, why dont you go to Google Labs and enjoy.
Still think Google taking a little nap? :)