Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wi-Fi I Found You

In this world of technology, are you a person who always on a run and always needs a free internet or wi-fi connection to support all the activities in your daily life?

Maybe Your laptop or notebook able to find whether there is wi-fi signal or not. But, didn't it will be so much easier if you know about it without opening your notebook, starting it, and activating your wi-fi device? After all it's all about technology, right?

So here's a gadget that can make all that things comes true. It's called Wi-Fi Detecting Watch. With this gadget you can see is there any wi-fi signal in an area without
opening your notebook and starting it.

The design of Wi-Fi Detecting Watch is very stylish with steel case and rubber strap band. And it has a couple of features, like daily and single alarm, backlight, countdown timer, world time zone, and lithium battery included too in your purchase box.

The price? It's $24.99 - $29.99... Are you interested? Get it!