Monday, August 25, 2008

Technologies is Securing Your Card!

If you like to buy your gadgets and electronics technology things (or maybe a ticket to the moon!) using your credit card because it’s convenient and can add a reason now if you use this credit card. And the reason is SECURE.

Why? Because this credit card which called Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies, have a new technology, which will be shown at the Cartes & Identification in Paris this November.

Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies have 12 button keypads that work with the embedded processor and they even have a display. This credit card have features like several authentication modes for use in online, phone, or ATM transactions.

And you don't have to enter your PIN number into an unsecured device like a web browser, which will help defend against electronic banking fraud. Because this card make user can enter their PIN into the keypad to receive a numeric passcode for one-time use.


Anonymous said...

It looks like it is extremely difficult, and that always means it will be hard to use.