Monday, August 4, 2008

Going Up Above The Sky

Ever wondering go to Mars? Well if you do, you're lucky! because next year (2009) there will be a try out trip to outer space for common people like you! yes you! but it will cost you $ 200.000...... what a number huh?! Here's the story, Richard Branson, a rich man from know... the one that own a lot of companies, is making a futuristic spaceship that will take people (with money, hahaha...) to the outer space , with maximum limit 110 km above the earth...!!! The spaceship name is White Knight Two...nice name huh? It's sound like a superhero name. So, are you interested? if you do, save your money because in 2010 there will be a first public flight of this ship. And you know? there already more than 200 people registered for this flight.....what a rich planet we're living in...... :)