Friday, August 22, 2008

Snowboarding Caller is Coming!

Ok, if you like to snowboarding, let's admit it’s hard to take calls when you're snowboarding, right? But guys.... don't worry anymore about getting fall above your board because a call that coming to your phone.

Swany’s g.cell, made the first hands free cell phone ski and snowboarding gloves. Aha...! This is how it work, when there's an incoming call, you’ll be alerted to incoming calls with(Prepare yourself) vibrating wrist action. What you have to do next Sir........? Just tap the back of your hand to receive calls.

This gadget comes complete with charger included and it will 12 hours on standby/ 4 hours talk time.

Feeling so crazy about this technology? Available this holiday season for $495. And i think they might just be the most expensive glove ever. Am i right?