Saturday, August 30, 2008

New (solar) Generation iPhone ?

Is iPhone gonna release a new kind phone to their product list? Some kind like a phone that use a solar energy... wow! if its true that will gonna be a breakthrouhg isn't it?

From the news we heard, the company filed a patent involvingplacing solar cells. It's means that Apple’s iPhone or other devices from Apple could have photovoltaic cells stacked underneath LCD touch screens or anything else in Apple's product, which maximizes the area available for harnessing and soaking up the power of the sun.

And then according to the filing, performance info in regard to the performance of a device’s solar cells could be displayed on the main screen next to battery power.

Not only that, it could also appear on top of the actual cells, which could be displaying the Apple logo. Imagine less charging of devices. Then one day no charging at all. Great huh? Here's iPhone Video to watch...