Saturday, August 23, 2008

Telescope in Modest

Do you have an iPhone? In this technology world we living in it's not a big thing when a gadget have a camera integrated in it. And so with the iPhone... Introducing to you iPhone Telescope (sound very secret agent?) . Yeah, it's a telescopic lens that gets lucky with your iPhone and together you can explore the unseen horizon. 

With iPhone of course you have ability to take a picture and having a good result. But what if the object is far? Not just far, but far...far...away...!!! :) It's not a problem anymore! With iPhone Telescope you still can get the picture with high quality result. What a technology huh?

This telescope will give you 6x telescopic zoom! Where ever you're standing, and any where the object you still can get the object clearly and sharp. The focus can be adjusted to the size you need according the moment and places. 

Wanna have mega zoom in-zoom out iPhone Camera? Buy it with US$ 19 only!