Friday, August 8, 2008

For Mr. Guitarist, let me fold your guitar,sir!

Are you a guitarist that always been busy with the guitar because you cant pay a crew??? You've always being busy look for space to put your guitar...argh.....what a rockstar you are:)
If you do, no problemo again sir! Because here's come a guitar that you can (wait a minute) fold! (surprise!!!!!)
The name of the guitar is The Electric Nomad, this guitar is made for electronic wandering minstrels. The neck on the Electric Nomad can you folds twice - it's more foldable than other foldable guitars.
The neck folds, the strings roll up on a spool, and it features all the usual features, usability and playability of a normal electric guitar; however, it’s designed to be taken on travel. I say it's like a Transformer guitar! Rock on............!