Friday, August 15, 2008

Viva La Free Rice

What can we do to help each other? Especially to help our brothers and sisters that suffers starvation on the other part of this beautiful planet. They deserve to have a good life like ours and a proper amount of nutritions to eat. Can you imagine if you're in their position?

So, back to question number one. What can we do? With this computer in front of you, you can help them right here, right now! Sounds weird? Well.....not really.

Here's the story, there's a site on the internet that was made to help others that suffering because starvation. You go to the site, and start playing to donating. Yes, when you're on the site, all you have to do is answer a question (like a quiz) to donate.


If you correct answering a question, you're donating 10 grains. I know it sounds very very little amount of rice, but if you're answering a lot of questions it means you're donating a lot of rice too, right? All of the rice will distributed by the site through World Food Program ( WFP ).

What you're waiting for? Just go there, the site name is . Go there and play. Use technology to help each other!


Rimmeld said...

I do agree with you bro, i am gonna open the web and play for it. thank you for the information bro.